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12 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes To Delight Your People

Preview: Don’t miss this collection of 12 delicious dessert recipes you will want to make for Valentine’s Day. You’ll also find tips for choosing the right recipe to transport to a party.

Are you looking for dessert recipes for Valentine’s day? Need something you can whip up in your kitchen to please someone you love? Maybe you want to surprise somebody, thank them, or show your appreciation. Browse these tested recipes for ideas.

Need something to take to a party or an office celebration? Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to choose the best recipe for your situation.

Variety of chocolate, heart-shaped, or pink desserts for Valentine's Day

How to choose the best recipes to take to a party:

Ask yourself these questions:


Do I have an easy way to transport this recipe?


Will it still be good if I have to make it the day/night before?


Does this recipe need to be chilled ahead of time?

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Will there be refrigerator space when I get there if the recipe needs to stay cold?


Will the food be sitting out for a while? If so, will it still be delicious (and safe) at room temperature?


Will this recipe still look appetizing after several people have served themselves? Mini-tarts, cookies, nuts, or cupcakes might be good choices for a buffet situation.

It would help if you chose something others besides yourself would like to eat. Unless that is, you want to take it all back home and have a party of one.

I like to take something so delicious that I take an empty plate home. When I make deviled eggs, this is guaranteed. Why do you think that is? Do you have a guaranteed winner in your pocket?

Start here…

Check out the collection of Valentine’s dessert recipes below for inspiration. You’ll find pink, heart-shaped, fancy, simple, elaborate, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate!

There’s something for all kinds of cooks and all kinds of tastes.

Don’t procrastinate. Valentine’s Day is closer than you think.

A Valentine's Day Collection of Special Treats

Did you try one of these recipes? If you liked it and have time, I would appreciate it if you would give that recipe a star rating located inside the actual recipe on the post below the picture. Thanks much! Happy Valentine’s Day.


Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Get thee behind me, Paula! All of this looks so good, and saying it is easy to make just makes it worse! LOL These recipes look fabulous, and I much appreciate you providing them. Now, if I can just decide which one to make. Mmmmm...

I still have my eye on that pork tenderloin as well. I have even purchased some raspberry chipotle sauce. I guess I better get busy. As you say, it's just around the corner. Thanks again for all the great ideas.

I think of you every night when I have my cup of Sweet and Spicy.


Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Hi Becky,

Hope all is well with you.

That pork tenderloin is so good. It is my favorite thing to take to sick people or new-baby parents because everybody seems to love it.

Speaking of Sweet and Spicy, in the last couple months, I have adopted the whole Intermittant Fasting routine. For me, that means skipping breakfast and all snacks. Sweet and Spicy gets me through the morning.