Are you an adventurous cook?

  • Have you been disappointed after spending time and money on a new recipe that wasn’t worth it?
  • Have you made a loaf of bread that was so squat and ugly that it was too embarrassing to share with a friend?
  • Have you tried to make yogurt that still looked like milk the next morning?

Good news!

I firmly believe that you don’t have to be a chef to find joy in creating homemade food worth sharing.


  • If your kitchen experiments turned out better than you expected
  • If your bread baked up beautifully and tasted so good you couldn’t wait to share it with your family, friends, and neighbors
  • If you woke up to find the milk you prepared the night before transformed into creamy and delicious yogurt

I can help you find success in your kitchen adventures. When you join the Salad in a Jar community, you’ll find time-saving tips, troubleshooting advice, and confidence-inspiring recipes to help you create homemade food worth sharing.

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Thanks for sharing so much good information with us.  I feel like I know you…every time I use my Victorinox paring knife I think of you.”

Barbara M.

“Dear Paula, I have to tell you that your website is beyond exceptional — I don’t know how I ever found it but it must have been for help with bread machine dough that led to a heavy dense result. I’ve never been to a site that begins to compare, and I have been to so many. Your recipes are only a small part of what you offer. The directions, suggestions, video clips, and illustrations raise it from wonderful to extraordinary.  It’s the first place I go when looking for recipes and/or ideas. You are 100% dependable — I am in awe of what you offer and the time that goes into perfecting everything for people who find your website.”

Toby, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

“You do a fine job of researching and testing a wide variety of recipes! Your directions are clear and concise. You answer readers’ questions promptly and thoroughly. “Salad in a Jar” is a real pleasure to read and follow.”

Vivian T.

Hi! I’m Paula

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As a home economist, I learned to make bread the old-fashioned way years ago. However, as a lover of speed and ease, I had to have a bread machine when they first came on the market. The intoxicating smell and the simplicity of set-it-and-forget-it bread seduced me into ignoring the ugly loaves, cardboard crusts, and disorganized texture…for a while. When the novelty wore off, I threw out the manual instead of the machine. Then, I searched for a better way.

While teaching microwave cooking classes and working in research and development for a food company, I continued to look for better techniques for preparing all kinds of food. Now, I’ve included my tips and tricks in a collection of mouth-watering recipes.

I hope your dough bakes into beautiful bread, your yogurt sets like a dream, and you experience the enormous satisfaction of creating homemade food worth sharing.

Food-Related Background:

  • Home Economics B.S.: Oklahoma Christian University
  • County Extension Agent: Texas
  • Kitchen Supervisor: The Greenhouse Luxury Health Spa
  • Freelance Microwave Cooking teacher for appliance stores
  • Research & Development-Pizza Inn Corporate
  • CEO and author: Salad in a Jar: 2009 to present

Hi, I am so glad I found your site. I have read many of your tips and they are so helpful even though I have been baking and cooking for 70 years. Thanks so much for sharing what you do and love.”

Janet C.

A game changer for me when I found this site. This gal has great tutorials on using your breadmaker to make dough. Her recipe for simple white bread is one of the best ever recipes. I’ve been baking bread for a lot of years and this gal has changed my bread-making life.

Vanessa F.

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“I made your crusty French bread last week and it was delicious. Made French toast from leftovers.
I have also made homemade pizza crust and this week I am trying bagels! Thanks for setting me free.”

Mary R.

“I love using all your recipes! I have had great luck since finding your site!”


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Paula Rhodes

P.S. Why the name “Salad in a Jar”? In 2009, my co-workers called my vacuum-sealed jars of chopped lettuce “salad in a jar.” The name stuck. I still eat a salad in a jar daily, but I call it healthy fast food.