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Mini Fruit Tarts with Vanilla Pastry Cream
These shortbread-crusted tarts are filled with a light, creamy custard and topped with fresh fruit of your choice.
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Five Things You Should Not Do When Making Yogurt
Read about pitfalls that often trip up homemade yogurt makers.
5 Things You Should Not Do when making yogurt
How To Make Healthy Greek Yogurt
A guide to making your own Greek yogurt at home using fat-free, 1%, 2%, or whole milk.
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How to Make Healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt--three servings of finished yogurt
6 Bread Machine Secrets You Need To Know
This is a must-read for all bread machine owners.
Bread Machine Secrets
Bread Machine Ciabatta Recipe
Because ciabatta starts life as a very slack and sticky dough, the bread machine is a useful tool to mix and knead the dough. Make the biga by adding the first three ingredients listed below to your bread machine at least 12 hours ahead of time. This is a sort of “starter” that will contribute flavor and a hole-y texture to your bread.
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sliced bread machine ciabatta
Weeknight Shepherd’s Pie with Leftover Roast Beef
Roast beef and vegetables (peas and carrots) in a rich beef gravy covered with a layer of seasoned mashed potatoes
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Microwave Apples with Cinnamon
Microwave Apples with Cinnamon are a quick, single-serving of cinnamon-spiced apples cooked in a zip-lock bag or bowl. Pour over pita chips, oatmeal, or ice cream.
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Bread Machine Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Recipe
This recipe makes a sweet cinnamon swirl bread with or without raisins. Use your bread machine to mix and knead the dough, but bake in your conventional oven for the best crust.
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sliced cinnamon-raisin bread made with a bread machine
Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough Recipe
This pizza crust is made with a bread machine (although easily converted to a stand mixer recipe or by hand) and is simple enough for a beginner to make.
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A Crusty Bread Machine French Bread
This recipe is for a simple, crusty French bread you can mix up in your bread machine and bake in the oven for the freshest bread ever.
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