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Bread Machine Tips

Are you looking for bread machine tips and help with using your bread machine?

If you have a bread machine or are thinking about getting one, please join the rest of us bread machine lovers. I have secrets to share, detailed videos and tutorials, and of course, a multitude of well-tested recipes.bread dough made in a bread machine

Just so you know…

I like to color outside the lines when it comes to using a bread machine. It’s a rare day when my bread maker makes bread from beginning to end.

I’m not crazy about the way bread machines bake a loaf because of the hole in the bottom, the thick crust, and the cardboard taste. Baking in a bread machine also means I’m limited to one shape–a standard loaf. I prefer to make dinner rolls, sweet rolls in all shapes, and a variety of shaped loaves.

What a bread machine does best:

On the other hand, I have yet to find a better method for kneading bread than using a bread machine. Maybe Grandma could do it better by hand, but I can’t.

A stand mixer does a good job, but you have to stand over it. A bread machine will go about its work on the DOUGH cycle while you start your next project.

Where do I begin?

Take a look at one of the most popular posts on this website about 6 Bread Machine Secrets You Need To Know. Then see this post on The Most Important Thing You Should Do When Using a Bread Machine.

When you’re ready, I have a growing collection of over 50 bread machine recipes for you to choose from. You can look through them quickly on this post entitled 50+ Bread Machine Recipes To Make Any Occasion Special.

Wondering what is the most popular bread machine recipe on this website?

Crusty French Bread. It’s perfect for beginners and anyone who appreciates an easy but beautiful and tasty loaf of bread.

sliced french bread made in a bread machine

Crusty French Bread

Bread Machine Secrets and Tips: