Bread Machine

Are you looking for bread machine tips and recipes for using your bread machine?

bread dough made in a bread machine

If you have a bread machine or are thinking about getting one, please join the rest of us bread machine lovers. I have secrets to share, detailed videos and tutorials, and of course, a multitude of well-tested recipes.

Just so you know…

I like to color outside the lines when it comes to using a bread machine. It’s a rare day when my bread maker makes bread from beginning to end.

I’m not crazy about the way bread machines bake a loaf because of the hole in the bottom, the thick crust, and the cardboard taste. Baking in a bread machine also means I’m limited to one shape–a standard loaf. I prefer to make dinner rolls, sweet rolls in all shapes, and a variety of shaped loaves.

What a bread machine does best:

On the other hand, I have yet to find a better method for kneading bread than using a bread machine. Maybe Grandma could do it better by hand, but I can’t.

A stand mixer does a good job, but you have to stand over it. A bread machine will go about its work on the DOUGH cycle while you start your next project.

Where do I begin?

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