17 Dinner Roll Recipes (Mixed in a Bread Machine)

Sneak Preview: If you want to make savory dinner rolls as part of a celebratory meal, I have 17 ideas–and growing. Here is a collection of mostly easy recipes for your consideration. Mix the dough in your bread machine for the best rolls possible.

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If you are planning a dinner menu, what will you do about the bread? Are you looking for a spectacular yeast roll? Something that will make the house smell warm and inviting? I’ve gathered up most of my dinner roll recipes for your convenience.

Watch the video or search the collection at your own pace below.

All my bread recipes are designed to mix the dough in a bread machine using the DOUGH cycle. Remove the dough from your machine and shape it. Let it rise one more time before baking it in your conventional oven.

Using your bread machine to mix and knead produces beautifully kneaded bread, especially when you follow my tips for making the best dough possible. Shaping it by hand organizes the texture and lets the baker get creative. Baking in a conventional oven means the crust of your rolls will be perfectly golden brown (depending on your oven and pans) with a delicate or crispy crust.

No problem if you don’t have a bread machine. Use a stand mixer or mix and knead the dough by hand if you prefer. See the notes in each recipe for directions.

What Ingredients Will I Need?

Most of my recipes include a list of ingredients and possible substitutions. Here is a general list.

FLOUR: Some of these recipes call for all-purpose flour, while others require bread flour. Rolls made with all-purpose flour are usually lighter, fluffier, and tender. If you want your rolls to be more substantial and slightly chewy, look for recipes that specify bread flour.

LIQUID: You’ll find recipes calling for milk, water, large eggs, and a combination. Milk makes bread slightly sweeter and causes the rolls to brown nicely. The higher the fat content, the better the rolls. Eggs make rolls richer. In most recipes, warm milk or water is not necessary. The liquids can be added either cool or at room temperature. The kneading action of the bread machine will heat the ingredients quickly.

BUTTER or OIL: Melted butter could fit into the liquid category, but I prefer to use firm butter that has been finely chopped. The friction caused by the paddles of the bread machine will melt the butter at the perfect time. This makes it less tempting to add too much flour.

SALT: I use table salt or sea salt in all my bread recipes. If you want to use Kosher salt, add ¼ teaspoon extra. Although you can experiment with reducing the sodium, please do not cut it out completely. The yeast needs salt to behave correctly, and your bread needs salt to taste good.

SUGAR: Unless otherwise noted, use granulated sugar. If you want to substitute honey, remember that it’s a liquid, so you may need to add extra flour to compensate. Observe the dough as it kneads to assess the situation, and add additional flour if it’s too sticky to handle. If you want to cut back on sugar, here are some things to consider.

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What Equipment Will I Need?

  1. A bread machine or bread maker, a stand mixer, or a strong hand (See directions for using a stand mixer or making by hand in the notes of any recipe.)
  2. Digital kitchen scales for weighing the flour and liquid
  3. Lightly floured surface for shaping the rolls, such as a clean countertop, a large cutting board, or a silicone baking sheet (my favorite)
  4. A clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap covered with cooking spray
  5. A small pastry brush for applying glazes or brushing butter on rolls
  6. Two eight or 9-inch round or square metal baking pans, a 9 x 13-inch baking pan or baking sheets
  7. A wire rack for cooling the rolls

Browse for Your Favorite Savory Dinner Roll Recipe

Christmas Dinner Rolls with Brown Butter and Rosemary Recipe
You’ll find this festive ring of rosemary yeast rolls difficult to resist. They also make wonderful slider buns for leftover ham, turkey, or roast beef.
Get the recipe
Japanese Milk Bread Rolls made with a Bread Machine
These homemade rolls are everything you could want in a dinner roll: light, airy, flavorful, and versatile. Plus, thanks to a Tangzhong-inspired modification, they stay fresh for 2-3 days with no preservatives
Get the recipe
Brown and Serve Rolls Made with My Classic Bread Machine Dinner Roll Dough
This recipe yields light, airy, and slightly sweet dinner rolls that you can easily mix in your bread machine. Shape them by hand and par-bake days or weeks in advance. Store the rolls in the refrigerator or freezer and bake them just before serving for maximum freshness.
Get the recipe
Yeast Cornbread Recipe: A Bread Machine Dinner Roll
These are interesting yeasty cornbread rolls that are mixed and kneaded in a bread machine. The cornmeal adds an interesting crunch to the crust and the texture.
Get the recipe
Elegant Poppy Seed Bread Rolls Made Easy with a Bread Machine
Poppyseed Bread Rolls are lightweight dinner rolls with a touch of sweetness. The seeds add interest and texture. Make with a bread machine, stand mixer, or by hand.
Get the recipe
Hawaiian Rolls Bread Machine Recipe
A sweet and soft bread in the same style as my favorite Hawaiian bread at the grocery store. The instructions are for mixing and kneading in a bread machine, then shaping by hand and baking in a conventional oven.
Get the recipe
Leftover Cranberry Sauce Yeast Dinner Rolls: a Bread Machine Recipe
Put that leftover cranberry sauce to good use. Make this Cranberry Yeast Bread into a loaf, dinner rolls, or slider buns. The lemon and cranberry flavors go perfectly with turkey or ham. It’s also a delicious way to put cranberries on your Thanksgiving menu.
Get the recipe
Cheese Buns Recipe–Bread Machine
Fluffy cheese buns are light and fluffy dinner rolls with melty cheese on the inside and crusty cheese on the outside.
Get the recipe
Glazed Sweet Potato Rolls Recipe
These Thanksgiving rolls will become your new favorite roll, especially good for turkey leftovers.
Get the recipe
White Whole Wheat Flour Bread Machine Recipe for Dinner Rolls
White whole wheat flour makes these rolls from your bread machine light and fluffy with a milder wheat taste than regular whole wheat flour. I guarantee they will be the star of the party when you pull them out of your oven.
Get the recipe
Bread Machine Brioche Recipe
Now you can make classic brioche in your bread machine, then shape it by hand to meet your specific needs before baking it in a conventional oven. I kindly recommend taking a moment to read the entire recipe from start to finish before getting started.
Get the recipe
Herb and Garlic Rolls (Bread Machine Recipe)
These rolls are soft but slightly chewy dinner rolls. They will make your house smell like a chic Parisian cafe as they bake. Wonderful with a Thanksgiving turkey.
Get the recipe
Classic Bread Machine Dinner Rolls
This recipe produces a light and airy slightly-sweet dinner roll you can mix up in your bread machine. Shape by hand and bake in your conventional oven for the best of both worlds.
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Honey Oatmeal Rolls (Bread Machine Recipe)
These Oatmeal Rolls are soft and light, with just enough oatmeal to give a little chew and make them interesting. Honey adds the right amount of sweetness.
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Really Crusty Bread Machine Rolls
I can think of no better accompaniment for stew, gumbo, or chowder than these Crusty dinner rolls with a soft interior. Cornstarch glaze is the secret.
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Seeded Rolls: A Bread Machine Recipe
This recipe for Seeded Rolls makes dinner rolls or buns mixed and kneaded in the bread machine, Roll in a snail shape, top with seeds, and bake in a conventional oven.
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Easy Bread Machine Brown Bread Recipe
This Brown Bread Recipe is dark-colored bread like we used to get at the local Steak and Ale. Directions for mixing and kneading in a bread machine are included.
Get the recipe
Chewy Sourdough Dinner Roll Recipe with a Bread Machine
These chewy sourdough bread rolls are easy to mix and knead with a bread machine.
Get the recipe

FAQ about making bread machine dinner rolls for the holidays:

Can I make the dough ahead of time and bake these rolls immediately before serving?

You can make nearly all bread dough the night before and bake it the next day. After the initial rise or at the end of the DOUGH cycle, remove the dough from the pan and shape it into rolls. Cover and store in the refrigerator. The next day, allow the rolls to warm and proof until puffy. Bake as directed in the recipe.

Can I freeze yeast rolls before or after baking them?

You can do both. Please note that homemade dinner rolls do not keep in the freezer, as well as commercially frozen rolls. They use additional dough conditioners and preservatives. Try not to make them more than a week ahead of time for the best results.

If you want to freeze rolls before baking, let them finish the DOUGH cycle so that the dough rises at least once or twice (depending on your machine.) Then, push the dough down and shape the rolls. Please do not allow them to rise again. Cover loosely and place on a baking tray. Cover and freeze. When frozen hard, remove the rolls and put them into a plastic bag. Double bag to prevent freezer burn. When ready to bake, place the frozen rolls in a pan or on a cookie sheet. Allow extra time for the rolls to thaw and rise until puffy. Bake as directed.

If you want to bake the rolls before freezing, bake them at a temperature 25˚F lower than specified until the rolls barely start to brown. Remove rolls from the oven and allow them to cool on a rack. Double wrap and freeze. Before serving, let the rolls defrost. Bake at the specified temperature until the bread turns golden brown and the internal temperature is 190˚F (88˚C).

Instead of making rolls, can I use this dough to make a loaf of bread?

Many of these recipes make an excellent loaf of bread. However, I haven’t tried it with most of them, so experimentation is in order. If you also want to bake the recipe in your bread maker, you may have to adjust your standards a bit, as bread baked in a bread machine often has a thick cardboard-like crust and doesn’t always brown evenly. If you’re lucky with the timing, the bread won’t be too dense, but it may not be something you want to share at a festive family gathering.

Because of arthritis, I have trouble shaping rolls. Any suggestions?

Take a look at this recipe for Savory Monkey bread. First, cut the dough into portions with a pizza cutter. Then, dip the pieces into butter and arrange them randomly in a bundt pan. My family loves this recipe just as much as any dinner roll recipe I have.

Parting Thoughts: I hope you find you find your favorite dinner rolls here. If not, write to me at the address given below. I’ll be happy to help.

If you have questions or suggestions, email me privately for a quick answer: Paula at saladinajar.com. Hope to see you again soon! 

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